Is Cocaine Addictive ?

Is Cocaine Addictive? by Birmingham Cocaine Addiction Specialist Debbie Williams

Coke addiction, or cocaine addiction symptoms can happen almost immediately. It is reported that 10% of people who take cocaine for the first time show symptoms of cocaine addiction straight away.

Although cocaine addictions symptoms and cocaine side effects can go unnoticed in the begining, being covered by a craving to have some more cocaine to feel good again.

Plus many believe  ‘I wont get addicted to cocaine’. leads the cocaine taker down the addiction road. Sometimes straight away and  sometimes after a year of light use of cocaine.

Some cocaine addicts are weekend coke heads and are able to stay free weekdays, but have a craving and expectation every weekend to take cocaine. They have difficulty breaking this habitual cocaine use.

Why Is Cocaine Addictive?

Why is cocaine addictive? It could be the fact that cocaine makes the user feel more confident as well as have more energy and feelings of power.

Who doesn’t want to feel more confident? The lure of the good feelings can start the coke addiction rolling.

This naturally makes taking cocaine seem desirable so the negative symptoms of cocaine addiction go unnoticed.

The cocaine side effects can be alleviated by taking more cocaine to give the coke abuser the ‘high’ feelings all over again.

No, Why Is Cocaine Addictive?

Cocaine is extremely addictive as users need to take more cocaine to gain the same good feelings. It is a strong stimulant that effects the body’s central nervous system.

This results in coke addiction because more and more hits are required to produce the same original euphoric states. When cocaine is smoked, then the addiction to cocaine is almost guaranteed.

Cocaine is smoked in the form of crack cocaine. Crack cocaine was first introduced in the mid 1980’s and became popular as it was cheap.

The only problem being is you need more and more to get the ‘buzz’ so in answer to the question ‘is cocaine addictive?’ then undoubtedly the answer is ‘yes’

Cocaine Addiction Symptoms

Cocaine addiction symptoms appear more quickly in men generally. They also have more feelings of euphoria and dysphoria ( highs and lows) than women do.

Lesser symptoms of cocaine, and cocaine side effects include insomnia, blurred vision, irritability and anxiousness sweating, twitching, hallucinations, chest pain, rapid breathing, nose bleeds and even vomiting.

Dangerous Side Effects Of Cocaine Addiction

The more dangerous side effects of cocaine addiction are seizures followed by respiratory failure and experiencing cardiac arrest. This can come on after short or long term use of cocaine .

So  Is Cocaine Addictive? Birmingham NLP Hypnotherapist Shows you why Yes cocaine is very addictive physically and psychologically.

If you have a cocaine addiction and want to stop abusing cocaine, then my Stop Cocaine Abuse hypnosis and NLP recording will help you. Stop cocaine abuse costs just £19 to download and you can get your copy right away.

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